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Release Date Mar 2016
Mainamagames Company introduces the invariable classics of casino – Blackjack. Beat the dealer by collecting the largest number of points. But be careful! The sum of points more than 21 means loss.

The player and the dealer get two cards. You can see the value of one of the dealer’s cards. If the sum of the starting hand is 21, you are paid the winnings at the 3 to 2 ratio right away! If the sum of points is less than 21, you can:

1. keep the starting hand with no change,
2. take more cards to collect more points,
3. surrender and return the half of the bet (except for the case when the dealer has an ace in the starting hand)

In the situation when the shown card of the dealer is an ace, the player can insure his bet. If the dealer gets Blackjack, you are paid the insurance payment.

Cards of the same value in the starting hand can be split and played from additional hand. If the player and the dealer get the equal sum of money, the draw is announced.

Try this most interesting game and the fortune will smile upon you!