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cf2 Plenty of Fruit 20™

Release Date 27. Jul 2019
As a fruit themed online slot game, Plenty of Fruit 20 is an easy enough game to figure out. It has 20 paylines and every reel is chocker full of fruit based symbols. That really is the gist of proceedings when it comes to this title, but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t hold some entertainment value. The plums, cherries, watermelons, and oranges used as the game’s reel symbols dance during gameplay.

You heard that right; the symbols actually dance on screen. This is certainly one interesting feature of note that adds to the game, but sadly it can be argued that it is virtually the only excitement that Plenty of Fruit 20 has to offer. If a player’s lucky number happens to be seven, Plenty of Fruit 20 could be the perfect choice. The sevens in the game act as wild symbols and appear on the reels on a fairly regular basis. The only symbol in the game that trumps the seven is the star symbol. As the game’s scatter symbol the star has the ability to make or break a player’s experience. When players get three or more stars on the reels at the same time a large win is awarded. The only larger win in the game is awarded to players who get five stars on the reels at the same time.