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Ducky keno™

Release Date 11. Apr 2019
Ducky Powerball Keno is rather funny and eye-catching game that can hardly leave players indifferent. Positive mood and relaxing atmosphere are sure to inspire players due to the amusing design and simple rules. A droll duck will help players to play quacking after player’s invalid decision helping him win. Ducky Powerball Keno leaves pleasant impression and becomes attractive option for the most demanding newcomers.

Keno card has 80 numbers to choose from. Player must mark a card with minimum of 2 but no more than 10 numbers between 1 and 80. Then 20 numbered Keno balls are drawn randomly and are displayed on the Winning Number Line. Any of them which match chosen numbers will be counted as Hits. The winning amount depends on chosen numbers and hits quantity. The 20th number drawn becomes Powerball if it matches one of the chosen numbers. Then the total win amount is multiplied by 4.