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Diamonds on Fire

Release Date 15. Dec 2016
Shiny jewels and slot games often go hand in hand for good reasons, and we are here to discuss and examine one of these perfect matches.

Diamonds on Fire is a video slot game from the Amatic studio that chooses to focus on precious stones, big wins and nothing more. This might sound overly simplistic, but many players do enjoy simple and efficient slot games with easy rules and a fun atmosphere.

Will Diamonds on Fire be up to the task and provide players with the entertainment and big wins they deserve? Take a moment to read our complete review of the game to find out.

Diamonds on Fire plays the retro card and sticks to simple graphics to please hard-core players looking for a classic casino experience.

As a result, the game screen offers an open view of a starry night sky with transparent reels to make sure that players do not miss any of it. The reel symbols are the most prominent visual features, while the common buttons are neatly packed at the bottom of the game screen.