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Technical support


The Company represents an interesting novelty – 5CardsCash – an instant poker lottery.

The player only needs to buy a ticket from the hall operator and he immediately sees his winnings.

To launch 5CardsCash at your hall, you need to turn on the game in the hall settings in the "Lottery" section and specify a ticket price. Ticket price is indicated in the hall currency.

To sell a ticket, you must go to the "Cashier" section and select the "Lottery" tab in the pop-up "Cashier" application on this page. Winning combinations start with two jacks.

After clicking on the 5CardCash icon window with purchased ticket pops up. The following information is indicated on this ticket: a name of the game, a unique number of the ticket, ID of operator who issued the ticket, ticket price, cards combination and the winnings for the indicated card combination in this ticket. The resulting ticket can also be printed by clicking the "Print" button.


The winnings can be issued to the player by clicking the "Payout" button. In the pop-up window you must specify the number of the ticket you want to close.