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Greyhound racing live broadcasts

The noblest kind of sports is now available to your clients! Dynamic spectacle, so beloved by the monarchs, is now open to every player at a convenient time with minimal investments. The competition of graceful, dexterous and sinewy greyhounds is full of adrenaline and hot impressions for passionate sports fans.

Online broadcast

Watch greyhound racing in the browser:

If desired, users can watch dog racing in the browser - for additional convenience, the broadcast is available at https://dogs.stargame.bingo.

The essence of the competition is 8 elite greyhounds in chase of the prey at canidrome. Photo finish clearly captures the winners whose nose is the first to cross the finish line. The dynamics of the results is not always unexpected: it also depends on the sports training of each dog. Stable and regular earnings on dog races are guaranteed for those who made efforts and learned all game peculiarities. This is the perfect entertainment for intelligent players!

The betting scheme and rewards:
  1. Bet on the first place. Wins if selected dog finishes first.
  2. Bet on the first or second place. Wins if selected dog finishes either first or second.
  3. Perfect bet. This is a bet on two dogs. Wins if both dogs take the first two places in the order that is specified in the bet.
Between the racing rounds on the scoreboard you will see a table of odds for the described bet types. The prize fund of each type of bet will be divided among the owners of winning tickets, if there are several such winners.

Join the world-wide popular entertainment, stake on your favorites and earn even more today with the company!