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Cash receiver installation:

Add the following block in setting.xml :

comport - port number the Cash receiver listens to

Cash receiver installation:

comport - port number the Cash receiver listens to, box1 and box2 - face value of notes receivable. it is required to put the notes in order of reduction of face value

The right way:

The wrong way:

Printer installation

printername full name of the printer as it is described in the system dpix dpiy - printer DPI by width and height (by changing parameters it is possible to scale the area of printing of ticket )

CASHOUT button activation

Cash receiver activation via admin panel

To enable cash receiver in a hall, log in to the admin panel using your account credentials, select a hall, open hall options page. In "Games settings" section, enable Validator option:

Gaming terminal

When you start the game terminal will run AutoUpdate and add new games.

Wait until the update field value will appear as 100%.

Do not turn off and restart the Terminal.

After the upgrade, you can log in.

Type player name in the User name field and the password in the Password field.

Then click the LOGIN button.

After a successful ID authorization a catalog of games will appear:

Top panel is for navigating the categories of games.

The bottom of the window displays information about the current user, his denomination and balance in the credits.

At the bottom, in the central part, you can see the current values of the cumulative jackpots of the hall.

Located in the central part are the available games and navigation buttons to other pages.

To run a particular game simply click its image.

After completing the game, a catalog of games appears screen again.

To change the user or shutdown, use the button in the upper right corner.

Payment terminal

Main terminal window opens access to three functions:

  1. Creation of a new player account.
  2. Recharging the player’s account.
  3. Cash withdrawals from the player's balance.

1. Creation of a new player account:

In order to create a new account with a unique login and password, click on "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT".

Printer terminal will issue a cheque, on which are printed the username and password.

Afterwards a window appears on the terminal for making the payment. Insert the bill into a currency detector and the deposited money transferred to the account that you just created.

After depositing thr money, click “return” button to return to the main menu (arrow in the top left corner of the screen).

The task is over.

Login and password on your checks must be entered in the login window of the game terminal.

2. Recharging the player’s account.

For adding funds to the balance, click ADD FUNDS.

A window appears in which you must enter the account number that you want to recharge.

Then enter the password:

If everything is entered correctly, a window for depositing money will appear.Insert the bills in the currency detector and wait until the deposited amount is displayed on the screen.To complete, click the back button on the screen.

3. Cash withdrawals from the player's balance.

For cashing the balance, click the "WITHDRAW FUNDS" in the main menu.

A window appears in which you must enter account and password of the player, whose balance will be cashed.

Input of the player’s data is the same as in the previous operation.

If the data have been entered correctly, a window opens where you can enter the amount of funds to be withdrawn. After confirmation the terminal will issue cash.

The configuration of the payment terminal

Operating system: Ubuntu 15.10 с графической средой LXDE (Lubuntu)
Monitor: 17 "1280 x 1024 with support for TouchScreen
Network: Wi-Fi и Ethernet port
Processor: Dual-core Intel Celeron 1.80GHz
Video card: Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller, 256 MB
SSD: 64 GB
Receiver: Innovative Technology NV9
Dispenser: Puloon LCDM-1000

Supported devices

Below is a list of devices that have been tested to work with the drivers.

It is important to understand that the same device can be installed under different protocols.Perhaps, other devices will be able to function with already established drivers, if their are protocols are compatible.

However, one can only be more or less confidant while working with the following devices:

Model Protocol Currency Driver name
CashCode SM CCNET RU ccnet_ru.dll
CashCode MVU ID003 UA id003_ua.dlls
CashCode MFL ID003 UA id003_ua.dll
CashCode MVU ID003 RU id003_ru.dll
CashCode MFL ID003 RU id003_ru.dll
ITL NV9 SSP RU ssp_rub.dll
ITL NV10 SSP RU ssp_rub.dll
ITL NV9 SSP EUR ssp_eur.dll
ITL NV10 SSP EUR ssp_eur.dll
cash receiver NV9 SSP - nv9ssp.dll
cash receiver NV10 SSP - nv10ssp.dll
cash receiver CashCode - - ccnet.dll
dispenser Puloon LCDM-2000 - - lcdm2000
dispenser Puloon LCDM-1000 - - lcdm1000
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