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New unusual fishing games

Are you ready for new underwater adventures and huge wins? There is a striking, vibrant and exciting fishing game from that is waiting for you.

Fire Kirin features 23 regular fish with payouts from x2 to x450, 3 fish combinations with multiple payout options, and special bonus fish. So, for example, Kindred Fish bonus is a fish that is swimming in a bottle, if you hit it, you will receive payouts for other fish on the screen. Chain Fish engages up to 15 fish on the playing field. Mica is a surprise bonus. There is a fish hiding behind the rainbow ball. Shoot and find out which fish is hidden and what win awaits you.

In Crab King, you will also find lots of colorful fish that give great payouts. The game offers you to fight with 6 bonus crabs, which you may have met in some other fishing games. These bonuses are already loved by players around the world, and Crab King gives you the opportunity to enjoy them. Beautiful locations, excellent sound design and wins up to x600 are waiting for you in this game.

Baby Octopus is a fishing game with 11 types of bets from 1 to 100 credits. Here, as in the rest of the fishing games from this release, you can make use of the functions of automatic shots and targeted shooting. You will meet octopuses, turtles, rays, nautiluses, seahorses, hammerhead sharks, lobsters and many kinds of fish. There is even a character from the popular SpongeBob cartoon serial. 6 types of bonuses hit fish with laser lights, rockets, lightnings, and one of them stops time.

Money Tree will please you with an unusual design of locations, mesmerizing sound and the opportunity to get incredible payouts up to x800. This game not only has classic fish, but also offers 3 types of turtles with payouts from x100 to x600, as well as 3 types of fish combinations and 4 bonuses. For example, Drifting Bottle is a fish in a bottle. When it's killed, other fish on the screen are also hit, and a volcano kills all fish on the playing field, except for combinations and bonuses.

Eagle Eyes is a gift for all fishing games lovers. You will hunt colorful fish, 5 bonus crabs, a bonus whale, combinations of fish and bosses. Payouts in the game make from x2 to x577 on 3 beautiful locations. You can choose from 11 bets from 1 to 100 credits and use the targeted and auto-shoot features.

Circus Circus is a fishing game that will delight all fans of the circus vibe and huge wins. The game has fish with fixed payouts and fish with payouts of a certain range. So, for example, your wins for a whale will be from x40 to x120. In addition, here you will find combinations of fish, 4 bosses and 6 interesting bonuses that hit fish with lightnings, laser beams, bombs, homing missiles, and one of the bonuses stops time for 10 seconds. The game features excellent graphics and nice characters, including funny clowns, charming mermaids and cute pandas.

Crocodile Adventures offers 3 formidable crocodiles with payouts from x150 to x555, 17 regular fish with fixed payouts, and 3 combinations of fish. There are 3 incredible locations, automatic shooting, targeted shooting and 2 types of weapons in this fishing game. One of them works at rates from 1 to 8 credits, the second one works from 10 to 100 credits. Of course, the game did not go without bonuses. Here you will see 4 of them. And the last fishing game in this release is Golden Toad. Amazing fish, rays, turtles, sharks, dragons and money toads appear in two locations. Payouts for them make from x2 to x300. The game has combinations of 3 and 4 fish and 4 bonuses: green and yellow bombs that hit fish in the explosion radius, Mica, which is a rainbow ball that hides fish with payouts from x2 to x10, and Kindred Fish, which, when it is killed, hits other fish. Possible bets in this game are from 1 to 100 credits.

Hurry up to enjoy these amazing fishing games from and wait for our new releases.